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Southern Cross Station gets Chromed

I was impressed enough by the Google Chrome advertising at suburban railway stations, such as this poster at South Yarra. Then someone told me Southern Cross Station had also had a Chrome makeover. Sure enough… Apparently this Internet thingummy-wotsit has some money behind it. (Note the banners along the sides of the upper deck.)


Uh oh

Every time your train is stuck inexplicably in a tunnel, every time a service is cancelled, the experience is not just eroding your quality of life. It is eating away at our city’s global competitiveness. — Boris Johnson, Mayor of London in the London Evening Standard, 15/10/2009 A power problem at Southern Cross Station has  ... [More]

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Sending my kids down the mine

(Posted 2nd October. Backdated to the day it happened.) Originally the plan had been to go to Canberra for 4-5 days, possibly driving up via Lakes Entrance and perhaps back via Kelly country. One of the reasons for wanting to go to Canberra was that I’d been keen to see a display at Old Parliament  ... [More]

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Still impressive

I don’t agree with the name change, but I do think the renovated Southern Cross Station is impressive. Compare this picture from about a year ago to how it looks today (yep, there is a massive tram stop in front of it, seen here with a massive tram, so it’s a bit harder to see  ... [More]

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It may be costing $700 million, and it may be causing untold confusion and inconvenience while it’s being built, and the new name might be silly… but damn, that rolly roof is impressive. Click here to see it bigger (and unencumbered by the blog navigation) (Yeah, there’s a slight glitch in the picture where a  ... [More]