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Still impressive

I don’t agree with the name change, but I do think the renovated Southern Cross Station is impressive.

Compare this picture from about a year ago to how it looks today (yep, there is a massive tram stop in front of it, seen here with a massive tram, so it’s a bit harder to see everything):

Southern Cross Station, seen from Spencer Street

And here’s the view from inside:

Inside Southern Cross Station

(Click on either of the pictures to see them in full, unencumbered by the web page navigation.)

Marita was on the train at platform 2, heading to her parents’ for the day. Although there’s a sign for platform 1, it would appear you have to walk a good distance further north to get to it.

By Daniel Bowen

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10 replies on “Still impressive”

Just don’t have coffee from that little stand near the platforms. That’s an afront to Melbourne.

We travelled on one of the new Velocity Trains down to Lara on Friday, great trip. And yep the new station is pretty good. But agree about the name change. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs a wack around the head with several dead fish.

Nathan, I reckon that snack shack thing looks very dodgy — like a re-incarnation of the previous dodgy VicRail cafeteria in the old station. I’m sure the coffee stand closer to the Collins St entrance would do a better quality cuppa.

I had a ‘preview’ look at it and I thought it looked fantastic. Partner said he would wait until it was finished before I could drag him along to see it. I don’t go to for, nor expect a good cup of coffee at a railway station. While I hated the name change, it is now so grand, I am now wavering about the name change. Perhaps it has been re-invented to the point where Spencer Street Station does not do it justice? Massive train station, interstate, country and subuurban trains, ountry buses, trams. Jury still out but Southern Cross Station seems to have been already embraced by the masses..

Andrew, I still think nothing would have been better than to unveil a grand new station with the grand old 140-year-old name attached.

Ren, interesting… I note you never liked it :-) Would be good to see a photo though.

Saw it again from a distance while on our way into the Dome yesterday. Your pics show just how cool it looks inside. I think we’re going to have to go and have a look on our next free weekend. Or even next time we’re going to the footy, we can get in a little earlier and take a look.

Unless you know who ‘Andrew’ is, I’d guess that he is a government plant trying to make people think that the name change is popular.

I have seen no evidence of this new (hopefully temporary) name for Spencer Street being ’embraced by the masses’.

It has always been a hub for ‘interstate, country and suburban trains, country buses and trams’. And the tram stop has always required passengers to cross the road to get to it, as it does now.

Nah, I know who Andrew is. I’m with you though — I see no evidence of people willingly using the new name.

The tram stop is about three times its former size. It now stretches all the way from Collins St to Little Collins St.

Where to start….

obviously the name is a wank, heard an argument on a train a while ago between a ^8 year old and parents about what it is called. the kid said souther cros and the parent replied with “it was and will always be Spencer St.”

I don’t get why it has to be so hard to get from, say, platform 8 to the suburban trains. No escalator and exceedingly steep steps (I think platform 2+3 has rediculously steep steps as well.

So far signage and information is pretty shocking. the country platforms in the old Spencer Street subways had the most readable displays I’ve seen. Maybe it will improve if they ever ‘finish’ it, but I’m not holding my breath.

I wandered through with a totally blind friend and he sas the accoustics are shocking – making it very difficult to negotiate, but then blind and vision impaired people aren’t supposed to be allowed out on public transport anyway, are they? >;-)

The new station looks great and im sure it will all be worth it when its finished but trying to catch a country train is a absolute nightmare , trying to navigate my way around i missed 2 trains.

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