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It may be costing $700 million, and it may be causing untold confusion and inconvenience while it’s being built, and the new name might be silly… but damn, that rolly roof is impressive.

Spencer Street/Southern Cross Station under construction

Click here to see it bigger (and unencumbered by the blog navigation)

(Yeah, there’s a slight glitch in the picture where a taxi was moving.)

Mind you, I’m still wondering why they put the roof on first before doing all the work below it. Won’t the roof get in the way of the cranes?

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “Impressive”

Spencer street is looking great but changing it to such a silly name whats wrong with spencer street? whats next the loop stations being renamed kangaroo, matilda and ned kelly?

They’re now also starting to seal the roof, which looks even better from a distance. It’s amazing that on certain sections of the roof you see the rain going through. Thank goodness the spot I was standing underneath was fully sealed.

The joys of working in an environment without appropriate shelter.

Have you seen the new Cooper Street/Hume Highway exit off the Western Ringroad, all lit up at night? Now that’s pretty. Pity though that it’s in the middle of nowhere. Not sure I understand what’s going on with Spencer Street. Looks a bit confusing in the photos. Must drive past there and have a gig at it.

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