Comment rules

I reserve the right to delete or edit anything. It’s my web site, I pay for the hosting.

Unacceptable comments

Comments that will incur my wrath include:

  • Spam. This gets deleted. Thankfully Akismet gets most of it.
  • Comments which (like spam, really) are irrelevant to the topic at hand.
  • Anything plainly designed to offend, be it aimed at myself, my friends, or whoever.
  • Anything else deemed inappropriate. Keep the language to PG, please.

Think of it as being a bit like going to the pub. Everybody’s welcome, but if you’re just causing trouble, insulting other people or annoying the proprietor, you’ll be ejected.

If you want to rant about the topic of your choice, this is not the place to do it. Get your own blog.

Old posts

New comments are currently disabled about two years after the post has gone out, in an effort to cut down on comment spam. This may be subject to change.

Leave an email address

E-mail addresses are never shown on the pages, to avoid spammers picking them up. But they do get stored in the database, so I can reply personally if I have to, and they also enable your comments to be automatically approved in future — comments without email addresses always have to be approved.

Mind you, it doesn’t need to be a real email address — anything used consistently (for example will avoid the moderation queue after the first time.