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One reply on “Transport topic index”

Hi Daniel,

One thing you could post on is the inability for disabled passengers (or parents with prams) to utilise a crossing at a tramstop.

Example: At the Bourke/Russell St tramstop, if you are standing on the SE corner of Bourke and Russell sts and wish to travel westbound, you cannot simply walk west, use the zebra crossing, then board at the westbound tramstop. You need to walk west along Bourke, cross at the zebra crossing to the other side of Bourke, then walk the length of the second half of the stop, then cross back across Bourke to get to the ramp to the tramstop (now on the north side of Bourke st facing westbound).

This is a very poor stop design! Why wouldn’t the ramps be centralised to the middle of the stop? That way disabled people (and people with prams) only need to walk half the length of the stop. The other ends could easily have steps!

I also have another suggestion. The bus terminal on Spencer St should also be used for suburban busses that run along Lonsdale and terminate at King/Lonsdale St. This would mean passengers travelling from the east would have a better connection to/from Spencer St station and the Skybus service without having to walk a block with bags. It would also turn Lonsdale St back into a street for cars rather than a bus interchange.

I’m leaving you this message because my wife first issue I outlined and I think yours is a perfect voice to raise both these improvements as you are always seeking to make Melbourne’s transport better from a user’s perspective.

Just a word of encouragement. Please keep up your good work. Despite all the government announcements, I/we hope your voice is heard loud and clear through the media to both politicians and the public. So do keep up your voice!

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