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This is the blog of Daniel Bowen. It’s been running on the web since about late-1996. (Posts going back to 1994 were pulled from the Toxic Custard mailing list. More information.)

Over time it’s gradually morphed into being mostly about transport issues, but some other and personal material still gets posted.

Please note that opinions here do not necessarily represent the views of any organisations to which I belong. (Specifically, journalists looking for comment from the PTUA should contact the PTUA.)

If you want to email me offering me your content to put on this web site, don’t bother — I’m not interested.

About Daniel


Public transport advocate

Professional geek

Born 1970. Dad with two children. Attached but not hitched.

Educated at Melbourne High School and Monash University.

Living in Bentleigh, Melbourne.

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Hi Daniel,
I’d be very interested to read your appraisal of the ‘Rail Up! The Benefits of Elevated Rail’ by RMIT / Melb Uni. Article about it in today’s Age. Apologies if you already have written about it on your blog or elsewhere – if so, could you direct me to that?

I’m a renter in Frankston (South) over 5 years, after many years in Gippsland and 5 in Adelaide. So I have a somewhat more nuanced opinion about skyrail, having followed the issues between the opposers (usually home owners, many of whose arguments I believe are not even fully logical, but that’s just me), and the longer term politics of cost / environment impacts and mitigation / etc etc.

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