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3 replies on “Contact Daniel”

Just wanted to say I think your Toxic Custard site is great – just a total crackup. You have a great sense of humour and some of those questions must have you laughing for hours. Keep it up, please.
Thanks… Richard
ps: I love a good layer of vegemite

Hi Daniel ,
I was born in 1962 in Melbourne and grew up in Bentleigh . I spent a huge part of my childhood at the Bentleigh Theatre as my grandparents owned the ” Milk Bar ” across the road on the other corner of Nicholson St and Centre Rd . His was a classic deco MilkBar serving ice cream spiders and lollies were 2 for 1 cent !!!! . For as long as I can remember my brothers and little sister would go each Saturday thru the 70’s to the Midday Movie Session . We were especially lucky because our grandfather was great friends with the manager and would let us in for free . At ” interval ” we would skip across the road to our Papa’s shop and get a treat which was either an ice cream or chocolates … Those were the days when jaffas came in small rectangle cardboard boxes !! I remember also at ” interval ” they would have some kind of competitions and I vaguely remember kids up on the stage . I recall that before the feature they would show a ” news reel ” yet that usually consisted of some old footage from WW2 !!!
I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang there and was devastated when the interval curtain came down at the exact time when Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flew off the cliff !!!
I also recall seeing a fantastic Australian movie about a little boy and his sister lost in the outback … I will try to find the title
Thank you sooo much for finding this old pic … Unfortunately this cinema was tragically pulled down at a time in the 80’s when there was no appreciation of such wonderfully historic buildings
I am fortunate though to have cherished memories
Thanks again Daniel

From your list of level crossing removals, It would be highly preferred that Puckle St/Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds, Park Street, Moonee Ponds and Buckley Street Essendon be preformed as one big project, along with the ‘reversal’ of the situation at Mount Alexander Road at Essendon, to have the train run under the tram line (and the removal of a road bottle neck at the same location. The Moonee Valley City Council held a public forum recently, with no finding released. The combined 3/4 projects would cost $1 billion dollars!