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Melbourne – Significant public transport changes

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Do you think that metro will bring back the hitachi trains in the futre? The hitachi trains were the best trains in my opinion. Could you make a topic about it? thanks

I liked the Harris trains, the Hitachis made a bit of a racket and some people thought whey were just cobbled together.
The Taits were quieter.
Some people were fans of the dogboxes as the swingdoor cars were called, their rallying cry was “doggies forever!”.

Whar railway would run something called dogboxes but the VR?
I thought that removing the last few Tait trains due to asbestos brakes was just an excuse, otherwise we’d still be running them now.
Taits were in service for over 60 years and were quoted to be the oldest rolling stock in current revenue service in the world. I thought it was an exaggeration.

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