Eye tests

Not a transport post I’ve been having annual eye tests for a few years now. It was prompted by noticing floaters for the first time about five years ago. Initially they said there were no issues… well, apart from my right eye which has been nearly blind since birth, but nothing can be done about  ... [More]


Farewell MX

Freebie afternoon commuter newspaper MX finishes its run today after 14 years of publishing in Melbourne (and shorter runs in Brisbane and Sydney). Melbourne Express was its awkward morning competitor for a short time in 2001 — it was never going to last because morning distribution is so difficult. That brand name lives on in  ... [More]

Consumerism News and events

The last weekday of @TheAge as a broadsheet – I won’t miss it

I don’t read The Age in paper form everyday, but when I do, it’s either on the weekend where I can spread out as much as I like (so broadsheet is fine, though the smaller format of the supplements is fine too), or on weekdays on the train, where the broadsheet format is extremely awkward  ... [More]

Consumerism Culture

Sunday Age “outperforms the rest”

I’m always amused when one of the newspapers crows about the latest circulation figures. THE Sunday Age continues to be the best-performing metropolitan newspaper in Australia, according to the latest circulation figures. The newspaper recorded the best year-on-year growth to September 2011 of any daily, Saturday or Sunday newspaper in the country. — Sunday Age:  ... [More]


Extreme stupidity?

Is it extreme stupidity, or just carelessness not to spell-check your advert before putting it in the newspaper? What were they thinking? (from today’s Age)