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Sunday Age “outperforms the rest”

I’m always amused when one of the newspapers crows about the latest circulation figures. THE Sunday Age continues to be the best-performing metropolitan newspaper in Australia, according to the latest circulation figures. The newspaper recorded the best year-on-year growth to September 2011 of any daily, Saturday or Sunday newspaper in the country. — Sunday Age:  ... [More]

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I think I can understand why the gunzels find this irritating. All media outlets do this kind of thing from time to time — I’m only using an image from the Herald Sun here because they happen this morning to be showing two on the same page. They have a story, say, something about trains,  ... [More]

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News spreads fast

Seen on Elizabeth Street at lunchtime: They’re special posters for the opening of the Titanic exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.


Making your argument count

“That is right, 38 new trains, pity they are only 3 carriages long instead of 6 like our current trains. I guess that means we paid double.” — Comment on the Herald Sun web site Seriously, where do people get these ideas? It’s complete garbage. “Thirty eight X’Trapolis six-car sets will be rolled-out from late  ... [More]

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Who are these clowns whose Twitter posts get into the paper?

From last Saturday’s Herald Sun Weekend section: It was sent when we were passing through Kangaroo Flat on the way to Bendigo the other week. (Thanks for spotting it, onegirlinmelb)

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Fining lots of people is not the solution to fare evasion

Melbourne’s tram operator also set a target of catching more than 60,000 commuters over a nine-month period. — Herald Sun, 11/9/2009, “Tram inspectors pushed to meet their quotas“ See, after all these years, they’re still going about it the wrong way. I don’t think the deterrent of fines is really working. The measure of success  ... [More]