Eye tests

Not a transport post I’ve been having annual eye tests for a few years now. It was prompted by noticing floaters for the first time about five years ago. Initially they said there were no issues… well, apart from my right eye which has been nearly blind since birth, but nothing can be done about  ... [More]

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Everybody gets floaters to some extent, apparently. Little artefacts, interference in your eyesight. Floating blobs. In the last couple of months I’ve been getting more of them than before, particularly in bright light. Official advice says this is common in people as they get older, and is likely to be either the vitreous humour slightly  ... [More]

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How I discovered I’m a bit colourblind

I’m a bit colourblind. It only affects certain ranges of colours. I first realised this when I got a Vic-20. No, really. The default screen colour was white, and the default border colour was cyan. I thought cyan looked like green. People tell me it’s really a light blue, indeed I remember reading an interview  ... [More]