Extreme stupidity?

Is it extreme stupidity, or just carelessness not to spell-check your advert before putting it in the newspaper?

What were they thinking?

Freedom furniture - what were they thinking?

(from today’s Age)

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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11 replies on “Extreme stupidity?”

I call it laziness! There are spelling errors everywhere these days and there’s no excuse for it with all the tools at our disposal.

It’s unfortunate that I read this blog immediately before reading your OZCOOL blog, where you used the word “jesticulated”, which is actually spelled “gesticulated”. But… jesticulated may be a more appropriate spelling in the case you described, having been performed by a fool.

It is not uncommon practice for advertisers to purposefully insert spelling or grammar mistakes to get attention… and apparently it works ;)

If they do it deliberately to get my attention then they’re doing the wrong thing. I see a spelling error and find somewhere else to buy it. If they can’t get their ads right then I don’t trust them to get anything else right.

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