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Seen on Elizabeth Street at lunchtime: They’re special posters for the opening of the Titanic exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.

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The Age’s new home page

This is what appeared on The Age’s home page this morning (with my additions). They explained that there’s a new video tab, which you’ll see when the lead story is best told in video. Eh? How is Ultimate Fighting in any way to be regarded as the lead story? Unless Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott  ... [More]

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Superb! Charlie Brooker on what makes a generic TV news report: (via Mumbrella)


Print’s not dead yet

If you’ve wondered how many people read the magazines you see in the newsagent, here’s the figures. The only magazine I subscribe to, Australian Personal Computer, is sitting at 34,111, down 8% in the last year. Perhaps IT-related mags are more likely to be dropping with competition from online, though what caught my eye was  ... [More]