Print’s not dead yet

If you’ve wondered how many people read the magazines you see in the newsagent, here’s the figures.

The only magazine I subscribe to, Australian Personal Computer, is sitting at 34,111, down 8% in the last year. Perhaps IT-related mags are more likely to be dropping with competition from online, though what caught my eye was that the one that’s lost the second highest percentage of readers in the past year, the AFL Record, down 25%.

When I was a kid you bought the Record every time you went to the footy. Do people not buy it anymore? Maybe kids don’t try and fill in the stats themselves these days.

Some magazines are gaining readers, which I guess shows that print is not quite dead yet.

And if you were wondering how Woman’s Day and Woman’s Weekly can afford to put all those annoying adverts on the telly, wonder no more — they’ve got the highest readership figures of anything in the list.

And can you believe that 302,000 people read That’s Life?!?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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6 replies on “Print’s not dead yet”

I long ago stopped buying APC – tech news moves way too fast for a monthly magazine to keep up and any reviews I need can be found online, but I still buy the Record every game and fill in the goals/points, at least until the third quarter when it gets way too depressing to continue.

The footy record was $1 when you were a child. It was $5 during the finals. Now it’s far more expensive. I’m not surprised that fewer people want to buy it now.

thanks for the footy record link, i might actually use that. And yes, the Footy record has gone up, $4 is a bit much for such a small mag generally used for just the one 2hr game

I was also once an APC subscriber and had a huge pile which I’ve since consigned to the recycling. I still pick one up if I see it at a cafe or something (which you sometimes do) but otherwise sadly I would not buy a copy because mostly I get all my IT news online.

Meanwhile I’ll give a plug to “The Monthly” who’s readership has shot up. It’s good to see something with a bit of thought in it getting good readship figures as opposed to “That’s Life”.

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