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Superb! Charlie Brooker on what makes a generic TV news report:

(via Mumbrella)

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9 replies on “TV news”

My favourite generic shot on current affairs shots is the CEO walking up the receptionist’s desk and showing her a piece of paper that they then discuss. Most likely the first time they’ve ever actually spoken.

Andrew V, I am not approving your comment post on Lord Christopher Monckton, which is totally off-topic for this blog post, and was a reply to one of my Twitter posts, though I do acknowledge your point about his physical appearance.

Will do another post that is about Monckton in a day or two.

Oh yeah, the other thing I’ve seen recently, particularly I think on British news reports, is where the reporter does a piece to camera with the event in the background still going on. That grates a bit with me — it’s like they might be missing something that’s happening, while they talk to the camera. Shouldn’t they wait until it’s over, and then tell us what happened?

haha. Another one is if an “expert” is interviewed, especially if they’ve written a book or researched the topic. They are then shown sitting at their desk, flicking to some random page of their book. Or they are seen tapping away with two fingers on a computer. They are never touch typers.

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