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Who killed East-West Link?

This new book on EWL is a political page-turner.

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How the 20th century was almost dominated by electric vehicles, rather than petrol

It’s amazing to think that had circumstances been different, the western world might have developed its road transport around electric engines rather than fossil fuels. That’s one of the key points made by “A Most Deliberate Swindle“, by Mick Hamer – the tale of the London Electrobus company, which pioneered the use of electric buses  ... [More]

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Before home video

In the days before home video, we had to resort to other means to re-live movies and TV shows. Novelisations of productions were common. I knew people who had hundreds of Doctor Who novelisations — virtually every story had a book published. I had perhaps a dozen. Other books made it into publication — scripts,  ... [More]


Beware of being distracted by portable reading devices

These days, some people are so addicted to their portable reading devices that they barely look where they’re going.

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My verdict on the Tintin movie

Look! It’s Tintin on a bus… And here’s Tintin on a tram (and a tram in Tintin)… So anyway, we went to the Tintin movie yesterday — in 2D, as 3D doesn’t work on me. I enjoyed it a lot. They did a good job of recreating the look of Herge, and there were plenty  ... [More]

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A coupla things

The Slap I finished reading The Slap. Great book, provided you don’t mind a little fruity language and adult themes in your novels. Looking forward now to the TV adaption. Possums I was just thinking the other day that despite seeing a lot of possums around the neighbourhood, I never heard them in the roof.  ... [More]

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In the wild

Blog: Amazing – I actually saw a @PTUA sticker IN THE WILD

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Quick reviews

A few quick reviews of things I’ve read or watched recently… (The DVDs fall into the category of “I’ve been meaning to watch that; I’ll buy that if it’s less than $10. Ooh, there it is!” One book was borrowed, the other I got for Christmas.) A Hard Day’s Night — got this cheap on  ... [More]