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Franco Cozzo mural in Footscray

Despite news last year that Franco Cozzo’s Footscray building is up for sale, it appears the store is sticking around for now. Recently I noticed work being done on a mural on the eastern side of the building… Now completed, it looks rather splendid. (See this larger) Note the roller door, which when closed, shows  ... [More]

Photos from ten years ago

Photos from November 2004

Continuing my series of old photos from ten years ago… Southern Cross Station under construction. The bridge with yellow on the right is the Collins Street extension, so this must have been snapped from close to where Etihad Stadium is. Note the “Park and Ride” sign, a misguided attempt to get people to drive most  ... [More]

Culture Melbourne Video games

Can you combine street art, classic video games and a Melbourne street map? Yes!

Can you combine street art, classic video games and a Melbourne street map? Yes! CDH Art: “Using the familiar street art motif of retro gaming, I created a walking guide-map to Melbourne’s street art.”


Street art near Richmond station

Noticeable from the train near Richmond station is this street art/mural, with its distinctive image of a man and the “RIP Dad” markings. The other week I got a chance to take a closer look. You can just make out the small print: James Patrick Beatie 1933-2010, which matches this short bio. On the opposite  ... [More]

Culture Melbourne

Hidden gems

There’s vandalism, and then there’s street art. Some have trouble distinguishing them, but for me, it’s not hard to see that these hidden gems in Finlay Lane (off Little Lonsdale Street, near Queen Street) are clearly the latter. Well worth a look, if you’re passing (and you can find it!)


On the television

Sometimes there’s just doom and gloom on the television. Previous post noting the number of CRT televisions showing up on the streets Of course, it’d be better if working televisions were put on FreeCycle (so someone can use them, rather than them just getting damaged by rain).

driving Melbourne Photos

Friday pics

Every time I pass this mural in Glen Huntly, I wonder if the grinning face is meant to be anybody in particular. This sounds like brutal honesty to me — perhaps they’re just not that good. Surely this can’t be good for your tyres.