Street art near Richmond station

Noticeable from the train near Richmond station is this street art/mural, with its distinctive image of a man and the “RIP Dad” markings. The other week I got a chance to take a closer look. You can just make out the small print: James Patrick Beatie 1933-2010, which matches this short bio.

Richmond street art

On the opposite wall, the train viaduct, is another mural, with heaps of detail to look at:

Richmond mural
(See it bigger)

And if you’re wondering, yes, it does appear to have official approval:

Richmond mural

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5 replies on “Street art near Richmond station”

I don’t mind the street art in this kind of circumstance. It certainly looks better than a concrete wall. Some of these artists have some real talent. Especially the ones that can do huge mural types where they can only be inches away from the surface, so how do they get the right perspective.

Howver I do think that graffiti on schools and private property is not the way the to go.

As most of these “legal street art” sites are areas given over to placate graffiti artists who have spent years destroying private property and costing owners thousands of dollars, I feel like getting a three dollar tin of spraypaint and writing crap all over their “legitimate” work.

A big comical penis near the image of the deceased man might give them some empathy with the suburbanite who lives near a train line and week after week has to clean up the scribblings of these morons.

“Oh I’ve been robbed! Man, so this is how it feels. I’d better see my shrink and rob his ass!” – Snake, The Simpsons

Lots of other examples on Facebook under “STREET ART UTOPIA” — very creative indeed!

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