eBay ads target retail – and retail building owners let them do it

I wonder if accepting these ads (seen on the walls of retail buildings around Bentleigh) the owners are killing the goose that laid the golden egg? “Brand new items. Huge retail markups and pushy salespeople not included.” “Buy new. Buy eBay. Bye retail.”

Home life

Getting stuff done (or not)

Marita’s gone off overseas with Justine to explore San Francisco and surrounds. Management of time is often an issue for me, and I in no way want to say that her presence is a cause of me not getting things done. But I thought that while she’s gone for three weeks, I might have some  ... [More]


Selling shoes

So, those very nice but badly sized Ecco shoes I bought a couple of months ago… I’m finally selling them on eBay: I bought these shoes recently. I wore them a couple of times and then realised I’d made a huge mistake: I had got the wrong size. Could I return them to the shop?  ... [More]