eBay ads target retail – and retail building owners let them do it

I wonder if accepting these ads (seen on the walls of retail buildings around Bentleigh) the owners are killing the goose that laid the golden egg?

“Brand new items. Huge retail markups and pushy salespeople not included.”
eBay ad, Bentleigh

“Buy new. Buy eBay. Bye retail.”
eBay ad, Bentleigh

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “eBay ads target retail – and retail building owners let them do it”

Lol that’s hilarious.

Wonder if there’ll be any backlash towards the advertising agency from the storeowners.

I wouldn’t want to be going to work in retail past those signs every morning.

The store owners wouldn’t have any say in the advertising content.

The contract with the advertising company would be with the landlord, not the tennant store owner. And even if landlord thought it wasn’t a good idea to attack their tennants, the contract probably wouldn’t provide any ability to control the advertising content.

The ‘Bye Retail’ is pretty cruel, but I think the ‘Huge retail markups and pushy salespeople not included’ wouldn’t hurt if it wasn’t often true. Actually “disinterested”, or “un-informed” salespeople would be closer to the mark.

Do you mean disinterested or uninterested ?

Most salespeople are on some kind of commission incentive, so I think they would not be disinterested in concluding a transaction with you, even if they were uninterested.

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