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So, those very nice but badly sized Ecco shoes I bought a couple of months ago… I’m finally selling them on eBay:

I bought these shoes recently. I wore them a couple of times and then realised I’d made a huge mistake: I had got the wrong size. Could I return them to the shop? No, not really – there’s now a teensy bit of wear on them – not noticeable under normal conditions, but enough to make them no longer “as new” for the purposes of returning them to the shop. Trying inserts didn’t work for me, so I’m selling them here.

They retail for about $200, so I’ve learnt an expensive lesson: make sure the shoes fit before you leave the shop.

Nice though the shoes are, they had a compatibility problem with my feet. Sigh. Hopefully someone wants them.

Last week I did in fact finally find a pair of sneakers that I like and that fits properly: a rather nice pair from Geox, which are much more similar to my old favourite pair of Eccos than anything Ecco sells now. And they fit.

So, if you’re a Euro size 44 (Aus 9 1/2), please buy my shoes.

Update: Sold for AU $78.69!

By Daniel Bowen

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I bought a pair of Slazenger leather “runners” from Big-W on special for $35 over a year ago and they are still lasting the distance. Better experience than the Reebok/Adidas/Diadora I normally buy for $150 that last 6 months.

The last (good) pair of Ecco I bought cost about $200 and lasted almost 5 years. I reckon that’s pretty good. I’m hoping the Geox do as well as they did.

My kids generally get cheaper shoes that last perhaps 6-10 months, but their feet are still growing, so it doesn’t seem worth spending up big on the nice stuff just yet.

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