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Getting stuff done (or not)

Marita’s gone off overseas with Justine to explore San Francisco and surrounds.

Management of time is often an issue for me, and I in no way want to say that her presence is a cause of me not getting things done.

But I thought that while she’s gone for three weeks, I might have some time on my hands. So here are some things I intended to do while she’s away:

  • My tax return, which was due at the end of October
  • and my Dad’s
  • Ceiling fan for the livingroom
  • The new washing machine (I’ve pretty much settled on the Bosch)
  • Clear our my Dad’s unwanted books from the house
  • Replace the kitchen halogen lights with low-watt LEDs
  • Start my next blockbuster eBay auction

Reality is though, I’ve found myself busier than ever. For example, tonight there’s a dinner, tomorrow I’m going to a protest and then Trish’s wedding!

Marita will be back next weekend, and all I’ve got done so far is the washing machine, which arrived on Wednesday. (Just as well — when the old one got moved, I found bits of metal and ball bearings. It was not well.)

By Daniel Bowen

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