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A few pics: Myer, trams, crocs and Star Wars

I don’t have a proper blog post for you, so here’s a few pictures from the last week or so. If you were looking for Myer’s Lonsdale Street store, it’s gone — almost all of it except the facade. (When I was a kid, we often went into the City on a Friday night, had  ... [More]

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A few pics for Thursday

Pac-Man on Lonsdale Street (though if the ghost is blue, Pac-Man must have had a power pill, and should be chasing, not chased) I don’t want to seem paranoid, but I don’t think this is a real ATM: Behold! The temple of Gorm!

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Nostalgia overload: Back in the 80s…

I was telling the kids about the days when arcade games were ubiquitous. When we lived in Pine Avenue, Elwood in the early 80s, the local milkbar on Ormond Road had a Donkey Kong Junior machine, for instance. But a short bus ride away in St Kilda was video game heaven. For starters, Luna Park  ... [More]

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Marino Bros: Not iconic video game characters

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Three brief PT things

Yearly: Beat the price rise Just bought my new Yearly ticket via PTUA Commuter Club. It’ll take a couple of weeks to arrive, but it means I’ll beat the March 12th price rise. PTUA Commuter Club Yearly plus membership: Z1 = $1090 (order by end of Feb; payment must clear by March 3rd). Will go  ... [More]

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New Wii tennis?

Wow, they’ve really improved the graphics on Wii tennis.

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Coolest Mini ever

Spotted in Centre Road, Bentleigh:

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Super Mario tram

Also last night, how’s this for combining my interests of transport and classic video gaming? The Super Mario tram — celebrating 25 years of Mario games.

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The toy of the movie of the game

Spotted in K-Mart: Lego Prince of Persia. So let me get this straight… this is the toy of the movie of the video game. I wonder if there’ll be (as there was with Star Wars and others) a Lego video game of it. That would be the game of the toy of the movie of  ... [More]

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Retro trains

Melbourne’s Comeng trains date back to the early 1980s, about the same time us Gen-Xers were cutting our video game teeth with Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. (Original unmodified pic) There’s certainly other things of the 80s around the place on the train network, for instance this sign on a now unused gate at Caulfield  ... [More]

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