Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from November 2012

Is it the end of the month already? Here’s another post of old photos from ten years ago – November 2012.

Block Place – another location that proves the point that many favourite places… don’t have cars.

Block Place, central Melbourne (November 2012)

Ads on train windows, blocking the view. Thankfully gone, but still an issue on trams and buses.

Mobile phone ads on train windows (November 2012)

Perhaps the privatisation of Southern Cross Station seemed like a good idea at the time, but they really should have ensured the contract didn’t include commercial parking that blatantly undermines use of public transport, and encourages people to drive to the CBD. (Even today you can get an Early Bird rate for arriving 6:30-9:30am, during morning peak hour)

Southern Cross Station advertising parking (November 2012)

The Sunbury line was about to switch from V/Line to Metro services.

PTV advertising for the extension of electric suburban trains to Sunbury (November 2012)

Hijinks on Cup Day, waiting for a train to the races. I’m not sure these gentlemen are medically qualified.

"Surgeons" catching a train to the races (November 2012)

You must remember this… the legendary activated almonds of Pete Evans. The nutritionist didn’t hesitate to call it out as crap. Pete is now described on Wikipedia as: heavily criticised for spreading misinformation about vaccinations and promoting pseudoscientific dieting ideas such as the paleolithic diet.

The legendary Pete Evans and his activated almonds (November 2012)

By November 2012, the removal of Metcard and its replacement with Myki was almost complete – and signage flagged the last day for Metcard would be 28th December.

Tram signage: No ticket sales on trams from 29th December / Myki is the only ticket you can use from 29th December

Originally Myki had been planned to be used throughout Victoria, and mounting points and equipment cabinets like this were provided at many stations that as of 2022, still have paper tickets. Hopefully the new ticketing contract will fix this.

Nagambie Station, including Myki equipment cabinet (November 2012)

Just another day on Punt Road, before the Swan Street intersection was remodelled. Most of the people in the cars could fit into that bus – but the issue isn’t so much the Punt Road/Hoddle Street corridor (246 is pretty frequent) but the need for good connecting services to serve trip sources and final destinations.

Traffic and a bus on Punt Road (November 2012)

NAB possibly sailing close to the wind with this advertising.

NAB advertising on a tram: "Evade fees, not fares" (November 2012)

I think here I caught the same Flagstaff Myki gate outage that Marcus also captured (more dramatically) from another angle.

Myki gate failure at Flagstaff station (November 2012)

Your next train to Laverton or Williamstown departs from platform 8, 9, 10 or 12. Thankfully with subsequent timetable changes I think they’ve fixed this up a bit, but it’s still a mix of platforms 9 and 10 (which are not a pair). Presumably there’ll be some platform changes once the Metro tunnel opens in 2025; hopefully then it can be consistent, on one platform pair.

Metro signage explaining how many platforms the Williamstown/Laverton trains depart from (November 2012)

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