Maribyrnong’s underwater park: an update

Do you remember the pics of the brand new Maribyrnong playground from a couple of weeks ago, showing severe drainage problems?

New park in Maribyrnong underwater

On Saturday night there was heavy rain in the area, but evidently the City of Maribyrnong’s drainage experts have been busy, because on Sunday morning the park was almost dry — and certainly not underwater.

Maribyrnong playground - no longer underwater

I like the way the notices made it clear they weren’t totally oblivious to the problems.

Maribyrnong playground - no longer underwater

By Daniel Bowen

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9 replies on “Maribyrnong’s underwater park: an update”

Perhaps those council workers could share that knowledge with City of Bayside. We only need 5mm of rain and roads, underpasses, bike paths and ovals flood.

Many of those pedestrian subways need pumping to stay dry as they are in low trap points below the surrounding system – Sandown Park subway you can hear operating after rain and still collects water through the weep holes in the retaining walls as the soil is still moist. In the case of WIndsor it looks like the entire pit area in in a low trap spot.

Unfortunately once they fail the whole thing fills with water!

Actually, a part of Talbot Park on Centre Road, Clarinda has been underwater for over a year. I ride past through it nearly every day!

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