He who hesitates is lost

This entry relates to the procurement of items designed for offspring recreational pursuits during this seasonal time of year. As such, it will be protected by a wafer-thin vineer, in a probably pointless effort to throw certain people who might be reading off the track.

Festivus is now coming up fast, and I’m getting into my shopping.

Bowen Offspring The Elder has been pressuring for the remote control Dalek. This is tricky, as they don’t yet appear to be available in Australia. I had a look around online for one. Amazon UK had them, but don’t ship toys outside Europe. But it was on special for UKP34.99 (which is expensive, but certainly cheaper than the slightly exhorbitant RRP of UKP49.99). “Last one in stock,” the website said, “order now!”

While I was pondering sending it via a UK friend or relative, I refreshed the page. It was gone. Damn.

Other etailers had it for prices varying from the expensive to the exhorbitant. And a similar product, the Dalek battle pack, has found its way into ABC Shops (apparently exclusively), for a fairly expensive $125.

Unless Santa or his collaborators have a sudden windfall of cash, for this Christmas I suspect primarily non-Skaran toys will be finding their way to our house.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
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Minotaur is horribly expensive(yes they do stock a decent range of sci-fi,fantasy and movies stuff, but at a price).

We where very lucky, a local supermarket had two of these Daleks for GBP20 (about $44) and my wife got both of them. Still don’t know why they where selling them for half the price of everywhere else.

That’s me and my Son sorted for pressies (It’ll go with the sonic screwdriver she got me for my 40th birthday)

I checked Minotaur last week. They didn’t have this particular item. And yeah, they are hideously expensive. In the past I’ve seen imported DVDs in there in the $70-$80-$90 range. Ludicrous. It’s like they’re betting on people who have never heard of Amazon (et al) buying them.

I believe Minotaur don’t stock R1 or R2 DVD’s anymore(probably due to a court case that was brought against them a while ago).

Hi Daniel,
I am in London and saw the Dalek at Hamleys. It’s 49.99GBP there, you can order it online. I wanted one desperately but the box is pretty big and I didn’t want to carry it on the plane, so I am going to order one when I get home. Apparently there are a bunch of other places where you can get it even cheaper than that, I did a google and one of the links that came up in relation to it was your site!
It is available in 27 and 40 mhz versions so if you bought two you can have Dalek wars!

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