Christmas bins

I am not totally convinced that this attempt to beautify the street furniture around Bentleigh really works. I mean sure, the benches… but the rubbish bins?

Beautiful Bentleigh bins and benches

I assume this is cheaper/quicker to do than hanging up decorations from the street lights, as has been done in the past. That’s so awkward that one year when they accidentally left a single decoration up after Christmas, it was determined to be too expensive/difficult to go back and get it down, so they just left it up there for another year.

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Wandering around work I see the City of Stonnington have done something similar – putting ‘Shine At Christmas’ signs on tree guards and flags at various points (e.g. opposite South Yarra Station), as well as stickers on shop windows.

When I was growing up in the 1980’s the main street in Dandenong used to install an elabroate set of decorations for the length of the shopping strip, complete with temporary metal poles they would insert specially for this purpose. installed at 50m intervals. There were decorations on all the poles and permanent street lights and outdoor large-mock-tinsel wrapped around and strung across the street.

Nowdays in the City of Greater Dandenong era, it reduced to bunches of decorations installed on the tops of shop awnings at either end.

They are some tacky looking bins, I’m sorry.

Anyone noticed the ‘spheres’ on the elms in the CBD? Thoughts? I quite like them, however I’m not too sure how long it’ll be until someone hangs off them and breaks them… Or wrecks the tree.

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