Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from January 2012

Here’s another in my series of photos from ten years ago: January 2012.

Between Southern Cross and North Melbourne, the Regional Rail Link was taking shape. This new bridge on the western side of the tracks was adding capacity to feed into new SoCross platforms 15 and 16. Apologies for the slightly dodgy photo snapped through a bus window.

Regional Rail Link under construction at Dudley Street, January 2012

Haymarket (aka the roundabout of death) with flags for both the Australian Open and (presumably) for Australia Day. The roundabout has since been redesigned with a lot more traffic lights, and less tram priority. In the background the new Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has been built.

Haymarket roundabout, looking up Royal Parade (January 2012)

This poster summarising how to report vandalised Myki readers seems to have been put up in public view accidentally.

Staff information: How to report a vandalised Myki reader (Fare Payment Device) (January 2012)

Someone’s little joke about social media

"Be the first of your friends to like this post" (January 2012)

I think these screens at Flagstaff station were new at the time. Possibly they were having teething problems, or possibly the Frankston and Sandringham lines were having a really bad day.

Faulty screen at Flagstaff station, January 2012

How to incite a burglary

"Number 14 has $200,000 under mattress" (January 2012)

From this old post, these people were taking home a new 50 inch TV on the bus.

Taking a TV home on the bus

Also posted previously, it’s now interesting to look back at this video of the train line between McKinnon and Bentleigh. The crossings were removed and the stations rebuilt in 2016.

…and here’s Cheltenham station, also completely rebuilt, in 2020.

Cheltenham station, January 2012

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