At Brighton beach last night

We were trying to escape the heat, which really wasn’t successful — apart from right next to the water, it was as warm by the beach as it was at home. (For you out of towners, it reached about 40 degrees yesterday, with a low of 24 overnight.)

But we did meet this critter. Very cute.

Seal at Brighton Beach

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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6 replies on “At Brighton beach last night”

Fantastic! I went snorkelling in that area yesterday and only found a rusted car number plate.
Is that shot taken near Green Point carpark or New Street groyne? thanks

@Julian, reprise, or respite? :-)

@Andrew, yeah it was pretty close, perhaps 4 metres, but got nervous and jumped back in the water when we cautiously tried to move a little closer. Seemed to be having a merry old time swimming about, though it was the only one we saw.

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