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Stealth advertising

Seen on Saturday: Don’t go to Dan Murphy’s for your booze — keep going and come to Winelovers Warehouse instead!

Clever advertising?

Technically they’re their truck is illegally parked, of course, hanging out of the parking space into No Standing territory. But I wonder how many people were suckered in?

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Stealth advertising”

Well spotted. I go to Winelovers sometimes. The Goulburn Valley shiraz ($2.50 per bottle) is very drinkable. Very cheeky sign, but keeps Woolworths (who own Dan Murphys) on their toes.
PS typo “theyโ€™re” should be “their”.

The sangria mix is meant to be very popular this year. “You have just the hat to drink it with” is not what I expected when I bought a bottle.

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