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Myki newsflash

This was my favourite Twitter post of the week, which I’m repeating here while it’s still timely:

NEWSFLASH: Govt to change state to the Assyrian Calendar, giving 3 more months to get #Myki right “by the end of the year”

(W00t — Retweets!)

And yes if you’re wondering, I had done some research before posting it. Perhaps appropriately, the end of the Assyrian calendar year is the “Month of evil spirits”, or ܐܕܪ.

(Your computer will need to be configured to display non-Western alphabets to display that properly.)

Best #Myki machine display yet! GHY #fb on TwitpicThere is speculation of an imminent launch for Myki in Melbourne, but there’s been those kinds of rumours flying around for the last month or so.

Meanwhile it appears there are still a lot of evil spirits in the system, with scanners responding slowly or not at all, and on Wednesday for the second time I saw a Myki vending machine doing its weirdo update thing in the middle of the evening rush hour.

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2 replies on “Myki newsflash”

Our Hawthorn Platform 1 Vending machine has been down with the prohibition symbol for the last week or so. Somebody vandlised the screen with one of those very wide texta’s a day or so ago and it still hasn’t been cleaned off but there’s probably not much point if the machine’s not working ;)

As mentioned Tram scanners seem to be down more often than not… though I did read somewhere that Drivers may be deliberately turning them off because when the system is on the get GSM interference with PA systems and radio’s in the drivers cab whenever it phones home. Shouldn’t they be 3G (which negates interference?)

Meanwhile on the website you can already buy a zone 1 yearly Myki Pass… catch is you have to have it delivered to one of the already operating areas. So I could order one and get it sent to my parents in Lara for instance :) But it wouldn’t be free, the card itself costing $10.

I saw on the news that myki would be the new ticketing system. Ted Baileau doubts that they are good. I think myki is nearly close to excellent because you wont have to throw your metcard away and waste paper when it is expired if you use public transport. I have a question for you Daniel Bowen. Will metcard sellers at ticket ofices lose there job if there are no more metcards?. Will they be paid less?

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