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Some pics from the last week

Sunday afternoon, waiting for the 6:40. Yes, people with grey hair use laptops too.

Waiting for the 6:40

“Mind the gap” is something familiar to Londoners (where some of the gaps really are worth minding), but this warning has recently shown up at Footscray.

Mind the gap

Monday the 16th was not a good day on the Frankston line. I didn’t have long to wait when I got to my station, but the train was full to overflowing by the time we got to South Yarra, and this pic spells out how it was running for time:

Running late

And now for something completely different. This amusing sign at ACMI, but I think they have their dimensions mixed-up… it’s clearly two dimensional.


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Saw this on Twitter, have been crying with laughter for past 10 mins….
RT @774melbourne: #Connex says it expects to cope better with tomorrow’s heat than it has so far this year.

It has always amazed me how disparate the different train and platform combinations are. Some trains just line up beautifully at some platforms, other trains you have to step up quiet a way over a large, dangerous hole between train and platform. Sometimes I really feel for little old ladies who also have to push open train doors at the same time.

Pfft, that gap at Footscray is nothing! Head up to South East Queensland where most of the platforms are built to a height from the steam days so there’s a gap like that at all but a few upgraded stations.

For the ultimate combo, get on a train at a station with both low platform height and that’s on a curve like Footscray with the train slanted away from the platform. I’ve done it on the Cleveland line and it would be a competitor with some of the London gaps.

(Oh, and I’ve dropped the “in the WWW” from my commenting name)

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