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Just comparing some of the snacks I regularly take into work, or buy from the charity boxes or fundraiser boxes.

Snack Sultanas 40g Banana 118g Apple 182g Giant Freddo Frog 40g Carmans Apricot & almond muesli bar Mars Bar 60g
Energy 536 kJ 440 kJ 396 kJ 884 kJ 796 kJ 1150 kJ
Protein 1.1 g 1 g 0 g 3.3 g 4.7 g 2.1 g
Fat – total 0.2 g 0.5 g 0 g 11.8 g 8.2 g 10.4 g
– saturated 0.0 g 0 g 0 g 7.4 g 0.8 g 6.2 g
Carbohydrate 26.0 g 27 g 25 g 22.9 g 22.8 42.3 g
– sugars 25.3 g 14 g 19 g 22.3 g 4.7 g 36.7 g
– dietary fibre 2.4 g 3 g 4 g ? 3.3 g ?
Sodium 18 mg 1 mg 2 mg 36 mg 13.5 mg 89 mg
Potassium 324 mg 422 mg 195 mg ? ? ?

Source: Bananas, Freddo, various packets. Recommended daily intake.

So the energy (which of course if unused turns into fat) in a Mars Bar is about triple that of a banana or apple. Yikes.

I feel like going for a jog.

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By Daniel Bowen

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2 replies on “Snacks”

I always check out the sugar content of pricessed foods – esp when it’s for the children. No surprise that their favourite stuff contains 25% sugar by weight. Amazing what’s in some stuff that is often believed to be ‘good food’ like breakfast cereal.

I have been trying to follow a low carb diet of late (with varied success!) but it has made me pay attention to the amount of sugar in foods. Now that I am aware of sugar content, there are some foods that I will rarely eat again or else feel as though I might as well be sitting there eating spoonfuls of sugar. Of course, chocolate will always be an exception…

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