Fiddling with the web server

Fiddling with the web server. Comments will be disabled for a little while, and you may notice some other glitches in the next little while.

Update. Moved to new server. Consolidating hosting plans.

Not as smooth as I hoped. WP2.7.1 broke some bits of it. 2.7 looks better.

Thursday morning. Just waiting for the DNS changes to propogate. If you can see this, they’ve reached you.

And yes, I’m still fiddling with the blog template in response to comments on it.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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3 replies on “Fiddling with the web server”

Holy hell, six days it took for your DNS change to propagate to me – what the devil is your expiry set at?

Last time I moved my servers I configured my DNS a week prior to expire every 60 minutes – increased my traffic for that week but meant by the time I packed up my servers, relocated them, and set them back up again that all my traffic was already coming to me.

It probably didn’t help that I switched to the new one, then noticed a screw-up on the new host and switched back, before finally switching to new.

But yeah, it seems to be very slow at some places.

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