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Great Friday

Ah, Good Friday.

It seems like ages since I’ve been able to sleep in, then laze about the house in my pyjamas. Shortly I’ll watch the vid of last night’s West Wing, then maybe, maybe I’ll consider having a shower and shave and getting dressed.

But no rush.

I’ve decided, by the way, that the only thing I don’t like about the West Wing is the end credits music. Particularly on the DVDs, where there’s no trailer for next week, it sounds way too chirpy and lessens the impact of the episode ending. This is in total contrast to the opening titles music (written by the same guy) which suits the mood 100%.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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4 replies on “Great Friday”

I had made that observation about the end credits myself, and I’ve only watched one season. Waaaaay to chirpy for such a dramatic drama!
(P.S. I’ve finished season one and the friend who loaned the DVDs to me is making me sweat it out because I hurt his feelings by not watching his favourite episode – #13 Celestial Navigation – with him … I am hoping he forgives me soon so that I can move on to season 2)

BBQs happen once a week during the Aussie summer Runt. Which spans December – February. Sorry to have to make you wait. Don’t forget to bring beer.

Ah, good friday! Your day to relax and enjoy. What a planning for the day. Don’t get disappointed with West Wing.
Don’t worry about anything.
Have a great day!!!!!!

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