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Adrian Mole coverAdrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction by Sue Townsend: I’m of the generation who has grown up being about the same age as Adrian Mole, and reading each of them along the way. This is a great read; very very funny. Adrian’s just bought a loft apartment at Rat Wharf. I think my recent thoughts about my mortgage/level of debt may have been partially prompted by his endless cycle of debt. Adrian reaches new levels of hopelessness, but seemingly redeems himself at the end. The book seems to have some closure, so I wonder if it’s the last one? Shame.Thumbs up!

I also recently read Accidental Empiresthe review is over on

Mace and Grace, 457 Centre Road, Bentleigh: Ah good, another Friday night dinner option. A mix of cuisines, quite yummy.Thumbs up!

(I’ve had numerous comments and emails suggesting places. Thanks for all them; I hope to try the suggestions. Note that the ideal Friday night dinner venue is in Bentleigh itself, not a nearby suburb. Makes the whole get off train / find dinner / have a drinkie with it / stagger home routine effortless.)

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I saw that there was a Thai restaurant in Charles Street, Seddon and thought to myself “oh, that’s good to note for future reference”. However, upon closer inspection I have discovered that it is a Thai/Italian/Indian, etc etc restaurant. Kinda turns me off somehow. Checked out my local fish and chip shop in Yarraville. Not too bad – the biggest piece of flake I have ever had in my life and I didn’t mind the few chips thrown in as a bonus and which I devoured whilst I waited for two trains to go through. Nice thin crispy decent sized potato cake too.

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