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It’s 10 minutes walk from home to the station. And 10 from the station to work (unless I go via Flinders Street). All good exercise.

But of course most of the benefits of exercise don’t kick in until you’ve done 20ish sustained minutes. Maybe they should fit treadmills in the train?

I suppose if it’s not too crowded, you could pace the platform and the train, but you’d look like some kind of wierdo.

PS Thursday. On a related note, Beth ponders Excercise Slogans for the Mediocre Athlete.

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While everything helps, what I’m reading is that sustained periods are what helps most. Opinions appear differ (some say 10 minutes x 3 per day is okay; others say make it 30 consecutive minutes). But it’s pretty clear that someone who drives to 10 places in one day and spends 3 minutes walking around out of the car at each place is not going to be getting the benefit of someone who walks for a solid 30 minutes.

Roger: Running is out. “Running is bad for your skeleton.”

Yep the walking helps. I’m under doctor’s orders to do the 10 minute walk. It’s better than sitting on your backside all day.

It takes me 10 minutes to walk to the tram in the morning (Caulfield Junction) and I try to go for a walk for 1/2 an hour every lunch time. Also it is about 10 minutes from St Kilda Station to the Pint on Punt. Now that the weather is getting better I have walked to the Pint on Punt (1hr) and into the city (2hrs). I may try walking to Port Melbourne again over the Christmas Break (3hrs).

I did try to walk from Sydney Rd, Brunswick to my house in Caulfield, but I gave up at the Pint on Punt after 3&1/2 hours.

Heh, hook the treadmill to a generator and help power the tram! I wonder how many treadmills you would need to completely power the tram?

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