A snag at dinner

We were out at dinner at a rather fine restaurant. The food was utterly divine, succulent, delicious. Every course a winner.

Only one snag. A piece of metal in the fish. Thankfully easily found, not sharp, and clean, it turned out to be a fish hook, proving, I suppose, that the food was fresh. It didn’t put me off the meal, and I kept eating.

When I drew it to the attention of the staff, they handled it in precisely the correct way, falling over themselves to apologise numerous times, immediately saying they would not charge for the dish, and taking away the offending object for identification by the chef. That’s life — mistakes happen, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

I won’t name them. In the circumstances, it would be unfair.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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7 replies on “A snag at dinner”

*LOL* That’s like eating a sheep that still has the bullet…err… No, we won’t go there. But VERY good that they were apologetic and didn’t charge for the meal. Definitely fresh fish.

That sounds like good service indeed. I wouldn’t say it calls for a free meal as one poster suggested, because unless they X-ray the fish they probably wouldn’t know it had a hook in it. But I’d say the restaurant will ask for some free fish from the fishermen next time.

I had an uncle who liked shooting rabbits with his shotgun for some reason – dinnertime at our place often sounded like the Kenny Everett Video Show (hoik – spit – DING!), but the taste wasn’t affected…

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