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Here is my lemon tree

Most gardens in Melbourne seem to have a lemon tree. Here’s mine.

Lemon tree

I must confess, I don’t water it as often as I should, and when I need lemons, I rarely remember to go look to see if it has one for me.

Do you have a lemon (or other fruit-bearing) tree in your garden? Post a link to it in the comments/trackbacks.

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Wow, that’s awesome :) I’ve never even “seen” a lemon tree. Thanks for posting that. Just one more little thing I didn’t know about Melbourne -> that some have lemon trees in their yards. In Canada, we generally have a maple tree in our yards. After all, the Maple Leaf is the national symbol of Canada :)

We have an apple tree. Which, incidentally, has too many overripe apples that need to be picked and chucked in to the compost! Photo may turn up on my or Tony’s blog. Depends on if one of us is home when there is still light in the sky…

I have… an apple tree that produces the greenest of apples, a peach tree, a nectarine tree and an apricot tree which I think my neighbours are trying to kill.

Mum has a plumcot tree (yes, a hybrid plumb and apricot tree) a plum tree *YUM!* and the good old lemon tree which, like many households, doesn’t get nearly as much water as it should. Heh.

I remember when I lived in Sydney, before moving back to the UK, everyone seemed to grow lemon trees, we had a veritable orchard of them, no pics I’m afraid though, as I am going back over 30 years now.

No fruit trees in our complex, but my parents have a lemon tree. Also, my father spliced a weird kind of apple-apple hybrid. Two different varities of apple, bred together. The apples look like hell on a hotplate, and don’t taste anything special. But when cooked, in a pie or whatnot, turn out quite nice! Better than most kinds of “baking” apples we’ve tried.

We have a cherry tree which the birds seem to enjoy before we get a chance to pick very many cherries, and also a large bunch of raspberry bushes which threaten to take over the entire east side of my house, but then, you never asked about bushes.

Cool! I’ve never seen a lemon tree either.

While growing up, we had 2 apple, 1 peach, and 2 cherry (the birds LOVED them!!) trees. We also had blueberry (bushes), strawberries (ground plants), raspberries (canes), and blackberries (canes). Oh, I forgot the compost heap behind the Tool Shed. It had Rhubarb!!! :) :) :)

Now, I don’t have a garden. I live in a condo, on the beautiful West Coast of Canada!

Victoria, BC

I’ve got an orange tree down the back.

I haven’t seen it in five years for the forest :D
But if you really want a photo, I’ll break out the axe, using it as an excuse to remove the wife’s “garden” and regain my former grass!

I just purchased a potted lemon tree. No fruit yet, only flower buds. It is dry as a bone here so I must give it lots of TLC. Yours looks healthy!

Virginia USA

Hi, we have an apple tree, cherry tree in the garden and 2 lemon trees which are in pots as the weather is not great in England so as it gets cold the lemon trees have to come into the conservatory. We get quiet a few lemons from the trees every year even going into winter. We used to have 2 further apple trees and a plum tree but they got diseased and we had to cut them down.

I have a lemon tree as well; actually I have two, in pots. Bloody things flower like crazy, and the leaves fall off.
Why did I comment, well I read all the rest of the comments and am still laughing at some of the replys, (even those who don’t have a bloody garden He He He)

One does wonder at the reading perception of some of the posted response.

As for the orginal question from the chap in Melbourne.
Dunno, why, tree looks fit and healthy, maybe a good prune will get it up and running for you

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