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Both ends of the cultural spectrum

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I used to like Jay and Silent Bob, and rejoiced when it was first announced they would have their own movie. But now I’ve finally seen it… well, either I’ve matured or they are best seen in small doses, ‘cos I didn’t think this was up to much at all. The pokes at Hollywood and the Internet were fun, but most of the rest of it… dull.Thumbs down

Bangarra’s “Boomerang”. I booked early and got us some excellent seats. For me some of the messages were very clear (such as the portrayals of some of the ills of indigenous people such as domestic violence and alcoholism), while other parts needed some guidance from the programme. But all in all, great stuff, powerful imagery, and a terrific performance.Thumbs up

By Daniel Bowen

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Thumbs down for J&SBSB??? What the …? Kevin Smith rocks… sure J&SBSB was no “Clerks” or “Mall Rats”, but it doesn’t deserve a thumbs down… harsh!!

I actually just finished reading the Kevin Smith book _Silent Bob Speaks_; Smith describes the casting process for J&SB, as well as a bit on why he made it. Apparently, after the critical success of Clerks and the controversy of Dogma, he really wanted to make something crass with a lot of slapstick and just gut-level humour. Intentionally not making a statement was his statement.

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