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People arrive here by means of a number of different search terms. Some of them find what they’re looking for here. Some don’t. Here’s the top ones.

  • shaolin soccer (8th hit on Google images) — I get hits for this ‘cos I posted a picture of the poster in my review. But the IMDB listing is probably a better place to go for more detail and pictures.
  • doctor who 2005 (3rd hit on Google images), doctor who logo (1st hit on Google images) and “doctor who” (7th hit on Google images) — I’ve talked about the new episodes a bit, but there’s much more information and pictures on the official site.
  • australian culture (1st and 7th hits on Google images) — Dunno how this happened; the first hit is my picture of Bruce the shark eating Andrew Bolt. If you want some real information on Australian culture, my Guide to Australia has heaps of stuff.
  • driver licence (4th hit on Google images) — and oddly enough, a fellow Victorian is the first hit. You can find out about Victorian driver licences at VicRoads, or contact your local equivalent agency.
  • scrabble (30th hit on Google images) — Ah yes, my naughty Scrabble game. Probably more useful information on this fine game is available from the official site.
  • laundry pile (1st hit on Google images) and pile of laundry (2nd hit on Google images) — Well if you were after a picture of a pile of laundry, I guess what you found is just the ticket.
  • brand names (1st hit on Google images) — Ah, so you found my image of a stack of different brand names, and the accompanying rant about capitalisation. Fair enough. I don’t know what you might be looking for though…
  • containers (14th hit on Google images) — Yep, that’s pretty much a picture of containers.
  • motorola e365 (2nd hit on Google images) — I didn’t like this phone, so feel free to read my initial thoughts or my subsequent rant when I sent it back. Or you could read Motorola’s propaganda on it.
  • origin energy (18th hit on Google) — Their official web site is here.
  • diary of an average australian (1st hit on Google) — It’s a fair cop.
  • there’s only one catboy (11th hit on Google) — He’s over here (and his old blog, which didn’t forward to the new one, naughty naughty, is over here)
  • 50 cent coin (5th hit on Google Images) — Maybe try this coins page from the Museum of Victoria

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.