Inspiration and the inflating ego

Tony: (Daniel’s blog was) my original inspiration for blogging – I’ve been reading him for years.

Kristy: I’ve also noticed that a link to this page has been added to the ever so famous Diary of a average Australian page (by the way, thank you, it makes me feel very special).

Andy: I have always been inspired by people such as Daniel Bowen who had the ability and the inspiration, determination and dedication to create cool websites.

Aw shucks, guys, I’m just playing around with this stuff, you know… But if anything I manage to stumble through inspires someone else to go and do good stuff, I’m all the happier for it.

Anyway, Andy and Josh have inspired me to do this: to compile a list of keywords people are searching for when they come to this site, and where they should go instead.

But I’ll put that in a separate post, probably tomorrow.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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Mutual appreciation hey? Steven Streight won’t like that – and if you have no idea what I’m talking about … that’s probably as well.

I’m not sure I was telling people where to go when they searched my site – they usually leave pretty quickly when they don’t find what they really wanted anyway.

Recidivist has also been writing about this. Maybe it’s a new me-me?

Must admit, I don’t do blogs, either reading them or writing my own, but I check Daniels site everyday,contradiction, no not really, as I’ve been following this diary since before blogging had even really been thought of, let alone became popular. I even keep thinking I might start writing my own, if I thought it would be remotely interesting.

I have more fun than I should checking out the search terms to my site. The absolute favourite so far has been….
brace yourselves….

‘dirty underwear in a saucepan’

What the %&*!? What kind of weirdo is looking for saucepans filled with dirty undies??! I’m still laughing about it.

Well I’ve been reading your blog for about 5 and a half years I guess. I first came across it when i was researching for a planned family holiday to the Uk for myself , hubby and 2 small boys. I wondered how others had managed travelling with littlies. Your boys are only slightly older than mine so that helped keep my interest as well. And I’ve been reading ever since. Usually about once a week or so I pop in and catch up.
keep it up.

Well, I have to glob on the praise as well. After finding the toxic custard site,5 years ago, I began to write on I have been Mz Odd there for going on five years and have met a host of equally off the wall cyber people.

Randy in central Maine in the US of A

(apologizing always for Bush…)

I work at a newspaper and always tell my staff to make sure they contact you for a comment when they’re writing a transport-related story. Does that count? (And no, I don’t tell them I found out about you from this site, even though I did…)

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