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A tale of two aunties

You can now watch BBC1 and BBC2 live, online. Pretty cool huh. Assuming they re-broadcast everything on it, they must have done some homework on rights clearances. I know the Beeb have a deliberate programme of making material available on the net to UK residents but not to the rest of the world (the UK pays their way, after all), so I wonder if they’ll zap the overseas transmission at some stage.

The new Doctor Who series is confirmed on the ABC for Saturdays at 7:30, from 21st of May.

PS Monday 8:45pm. The BBC1 link is gone. Evidently they’re just trialling it. More details here.

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Snooker World Championships, followed by Party Political Broadcast. Just what I have never needed

Oh, yeah, Yee Haa on Doctor Who.

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