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Here is my pantry

Here is my pantry.

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It is very neat. Our pantry is disgustingly messy at the moment. I tidy it, then after a few months of just shoving things in, I tidy it again. Seems to be an ongoing battle…

Neat ?!? It’s a mess !! Maybe it’s the old shelf-packing days that linger on, but mine has to be stacked, sorted, and labels facing the front. Am I the only one?

Strangely, looking at familar Australian brand-packaging is making me kinda homesick.

Yes, I was addicted to uncle toby’s museli bar things too – now have to make do with “Fruseli” bars, just not the same at all.

Hazelnut honey too! … Miss Marita must have bought all flavours and distributed them to her nearest and dearest last Christmas. Must find my flavour in the pantry abyss and cook up some crumpets to put it on.

As an Australian living overseas at the moment it was great to see all the familiar labels. Fantastic!

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