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Bill Bryson: A Short History of Nearly Everything. Almost more of a history of scientists than a history of science. As all of Bryson’s books are, I found this highly amusing, as one reads of the discoveries we humans have made over the centuries, seemingly more often by mistake than with any intent. I must confess I found it a little heavy-going about three-quarters of the way through (not a unique experience when I read his books), but it picked up again towards the end. Okay I skipped the extensive endnotes and bibliography. All in all, a great read, thoroughly recommended.Thumbs up!

Next, I embark on Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon.

By Daniel Bowen

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Yes I loved it too like all of his books! I really admire him for getting a working knowledge of all that science seeing he is not a scientist to start with. I liked the chapter about oceans the best and all those obscure and odd facts he digs up. Such a good read!

I am another Bill Bryson fan and eagerly await each new tome. I agree that it was a bit heavy reading at times and it certainly got the old grey matter working overtime to try and understand some of what was written. He is incredible at the amount of research he goes into. I was ashamed at how much knowledge he had about Australia that many of us will never know in a lifetime of living here and the efforts to which he went to explore our beautiful country.

Sorry, I should have explained that my reference to Australia is in relation to a book he wrote a few years back about a trip he undertook around Australia.

Yes I’m a big fan of Bryson too – I’d read his shopping lists. You’ll enjoy Cryptonomicon too, Daniel. Not quite as good as Snow Crash, in my opinion, but some great stories told within the main story.

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