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Here is my microwave

Here is my aging Sharp Microwave. It was old when purchased — about ten years ago from some ex-government equipment auction, I think. My friends Josh and Cathy have exactly the same microwave, which makes me double-take when I visit them. It is much more reliable than my Sharp VCR proved to be.

Naturally anything in the kitchen which doesn’t have a proper home in a cupboard or otherwise needs to be easily reached finds a home on top of it.

Microwave oven

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6 replies on “Here is my microwave”

Same with me, everything’s out on the benches. Dishes get washed just before eating. They’re never put away.
But hoy!- where’s the missing knife? In someone’s back? (Joking of course, but you know that.)

My folks used to have the exact same microwave too! They’ve since upgraded to another Sharp, but it undoubtedly will not live as long becasue they don’t make them like they used too … The old one is still going strong, but now lives at my brother’s house.

We had one of those. Bought in maybe 1984. The magnetron? burnt out and would have cost more to repair than buy a new one. It only lasted about ten years. The microwave cookbook that came with it was rather good…….well, at the time when we thought you could actually cook a meal in the microwave.

Hmmm this seems to be a very popular microwave in Australia. The family i stayed with on the sunshine coast in 2002 had the same one!

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