Special offer!

TGIF. Somehow work seems even more laborious in an extra short week.

Retail special offers I have managed to resist this week:

  • Ian Thorpe was signing copies of his biography at Dymocks on Wednesday lunchtime. Uhh, no thanks. Look, Thorpee’s impressive, but there’s a lot of other books ahead in the queue before I’d read his bio. Even a signed copy.
  • 20% off all boxing gloves at Rebel Sport yesterday. As announced by a guy standing out front with a PA, just on the off-chance that the offer might be heard by a passer-by whose mission on a Thursday lunchtime was to buy some boxing gloves.
  • Ever-someone in HMV on Friday at 4pm. Signing CDs I assume. Ever-who? Everlast? Everyday? Evermore. I think that was it. Not sure. Wrong demographic, obviously. If it was a lunchtime event, it would appeal to the office workers. 4pm, must be for the high school kiddies who can get there by then after school.

PS. Star Wars fans: episode 3 teaser released.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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You could go to Angus and Rob and get a book signed by Terry Pratchett on Thursday!! Wouldn’t that be fun!! 12noon corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets I think. If I hadn’t just got a job I would have met you there.

Star Wars: Please don’t suck. If the good parts of the film were in the preview, I’m going to be very, very, very disappointed.

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