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Here is my washing machine

Here is my washing machine.

Washing machine

I’m at DEFCON-3 with the washing machine actually. It’s been misbehaving the last few days, and I hope it’s not about to give up the ghost. Rather than the healthy whir and zoom of the spin cycle, it splutters and whirs without zooming. At least sometimes. Consequently it doesn’t dry a lot of the water out of the clothes. Not sure if it’s the same thing as last time (a kiddie sock stuck in the works) but I’ll do some fiddling over the extra long weekend (yup, taking Monday off).

Then I’ll give up and call the Hoover repair people.

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9 replies on “Here is my washing machine”

I think I’ve figured it out. Silly me to take some advice about trying a different Omomatic last week without checking if it was suitable for front loaders. Now I’ll have to figure out how to get all those damn extra suds out of the machine.

I dunno, I’ve never trusted those front loaders. What’s the difference between them and yer standard top loadin’ jobbies? I mean, is just to be different?

Update: it seems to be working again now. It’s actually been fairly reliable over the years; no major complaints.

Jonas, the main benefit from my point of view is being able to put a dryer (or whatever else you want) on top of it, thus saving space, without having to resort to special wall brackets or any other expensive non-rental-home-friendly stuff.

front loaders use a lot less water than the top loaders and there is less wear and tear on the clothes during the washing process.

Seeing as how it is a Hoover I am not surprised you are having trouble with it. I worked for them for a while and their Customer Service was woeful!

Also with front loaders, you can watch your clothes being washed. It’s like television, but more interesting because it’s your stuff up there! And definitely more invigorating when you realize there’s a bright red sock in with all your whites.

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