Girl’s eye for the straight guy

I’m not the most fashionable person on the planet, but I’m not the least either. Somewhere in the middle. I know I’m in the need for something of a wardrobe upgrade, and I’ll take any (good) advice I can get, especially in the casual clothes department. I think I’m okay at the business clobber, but not so good on the rest.

So some talk of clothes, what might suit me, and a quick flick through the wardrobe last weekend was the subject of much attention from me, I can tell you. A few shirts were highlighted that in my heart of hearts I already knew were past their wear-by date. They’ll be going in the charity bin any day now. Someone even less chic than me can have them. I’m sure there’s more that should go out, too.

And maybe a shopping trip can be scheduled sometime soon to look for potential replacements. Close your eyes Daniel, get out your credit card, and be brave, this won’t hurt a bit…

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By Daniel Bowen

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I think for casuals the surf-type shops are best, bit expensive but worth it. Just stay away from stuff with too much print all over it. I like everything I got from them, they don’t look outdated in a couple of weeks and the quality is very good. (that’s the menswear, no idea about the girls’ stuff….I prefer
the menswear as i’m a bit taller than the average female) As a shopping rule, stay away from too much detail and fashionable bits on the clothes and go for simple looking stuff. If you don’t like it straight away when you see it in the shop don’t buy it.

Happy shopping!!

If you can wait til after Xmas, some places have some rather good sales. If not, try the warehouses that Trish is suggesting. Your credit card will love you for it!

Alright…well its hot there. But I can recommend some warmer wear for when its winter again. There are these casual blazers. They can be made out of courdroy or something of the like. They are very simple cut but can dress up jeans and a shirt very nicely. Also you could wear it to casual day at the office.

Thin v-neck sweaters are classic. You just have to get them in updated colours. Try a royal blue or a bright yellow, green or orange. Long sleeve of course.

What ever type of pants you buy Daniel..FLAT FRONT. No man should look like he has hips. Men think it gives them a nice front bulge…but the resulting bulge looks more like too much chocolate then extra room needed for the family jewels. NO PLEATS!

And if you get jeans, then you should try to get a looser fitting straight leg jeans. Nothing that tapers as it gets close to the bottom. Darker denim looks more dressy then light blue or even regular denim colour. You can wear them more places. Just look for darker blue, or even almost blackish navy. Just dont buy black jeans. You dont want to look euro. Even euro’s shouldnt want to look the fashion term euro.

OH! I forgot. A simple and really versatile thing for summer is golf shirts. Just make sure they fit you well in the shoulders and through the torso. Get them in bright modern colours. I like the lil ones with the crocks above the breast pocket but you can get the same thing but not the expensive name brand.

definately agree with Krista on the flat front pants.
The pleated ones are really unflattering. And yes, jeans tapered at the bottom look awful. Can’t believe I used to wear them all the time in the 80’s!! Tragic, tragic…

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