Kill Bill

Finally saw both volumes of Kill Bill over the weekend.

Volume one… every martial arts film ever known meets The Holy Grail Black Knight meets Spaghetti Westerns. Maybe my sensitivity for such things is diminishing, or maybe it was because it was so completely over-the-top, but it wasn’t quite as violent as I expected it to be. (The recent episode of Six Feet Under where David is car-jacked, for example, was much more frightening because it was more realistic, and regular viewers have a lot of empathy for David.) Seeing it on DVD instead of in the cinema probably helped. Despite the splatterfest, very enjoyable, with a cliffhanger that left me glad I only had to wait a day to see the next one, not months and months.Thumbs up

Volume two… as everyone’s said, more talk, less action. I must have been very tired, but I felt my eyelids lowering continually during the first half an hour. Bit of a weird-arse ending if you ask me. Enjoyable, but I still think Tarantino’s one twisted individual.Thumbs up

PS. Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks starts tonight on the ABC. A real classic, and certainly one of my favourite stories, its compelling storyline includes themes such as Nazi Germany and totalitarian regimes, global warfare, slavery, mutation and disability, plus Daleks thrown in to keep the younger viewers hooked. Gripping viewing.

By Daniel Bowen

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